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Mar 23, 2021

Pathways to Build Back Better: Investing in 100% Clean Electricity

As part of its Build Back Better plan, the Biden administration has a goal to get to 100% clean electricity in 2035. We explore ways in which congressional clean energy infrastructure investments can help accelerate decarbonization and put the electric power sector on a path to zero emissions.
John Larsen, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, and Whitney Herndon
Mar 18, 2021

China's 2021 Growth: Targets and Truths

After a tumultuous pandemic year we need a sober assessment of where China’s economy stands and how GDP is likely to evolve in 2021
Daniel H. Rosen
Apr 14, 2021

Raising Climate Ambition: How a 50% US NDC Compares with Other Advanced Economies

The Biden administration is set to soon announce its updated nationally-determined contribution under the Paris Agreement, establishing US greenhouse gas emission reductions over the next decade. How would a potential 50% US NDC stack up with commitments announced by other advanced economies?
Kate Larsen
Feb 17, 2021

Understanding US-China Decoupling: Macro Trends and Industry Impacts

This study seeks to illuminate the costs associated with a US decoupling from China, providing valuable perspective on the magnitude and range of economic effects that the Biden administration must consider as it shapes its policy agenda with China
Daniel H. Rosen and Lauren Gloudeman