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Jul 9, 2020

Taking Stock 2020: The COVID-19 Edition

For the past six years, Rhodium Group has provided an independent annual assessment of US greenhouse gas emissions and progress towards achieving the country’s climate goals. This year, we focus solely on the largest source of uncertainty in the current outlook for US emissions: COVID-19’s impact on the economy.
Kate Larsen, Hannah Pitt, John Larsen, Whitney Herndon, Trevor Houser, Hannah Kolus, Shashank Mohan, and Emily Wimberger
Jun 29, 2020

A Just Green Recovery

As Congress turns its attention towards legislation to stimulate a robust economic recovery, there is an opportunity to do so in a way that both creates jobs and addresses longstanding environmental injustices.
John Larsen, Emily Wimberger, Ben King, and Trevor Houser
Jun 23, 2020

Capturing New Jobs and New Business: Growth Opportunities from Direct Air Capture Scale-Up

In the US, meeting the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 will require large-scale removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. The scale-up of direct air capture (DAC) technology could create significant employment and business opportunities across its supply chain.
John Larsen, Whitney Herndon, and Galen Hiltbrand
Jun 18, 2020

Who’s Buying Whom? COVID-19 and China Cross-Border M&A Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic depressed equity values around the globe, triggering fears of a distressed asset buying spree by Chinese companies. Several months into the pandemic, however, the data tell a different story. There are no signs of a Chinese outbound investment boom. Instead, takeovers are headed in the other direction: into China
Thilo Hanemann and Daniel H. Rosen