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Jan 8, 2019

Preliminary US Emissions Estimates for 2018

After three years of decline, US carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rose sharply last year. Based on preliminary power generation, natural gas, and oil consumption data, we estimate emissions increased by 3.4% in 2018.
Energy & Climate Staff
Nov 5, 2018

Missing Link: Corporate Governance in China's State Sector

The new report examines state firms in the context of China’s economic and political system, summarizes the past and present of SOE corporate governance, and analyzes key players in China’s government and at the company level—boards of directors, Party committees, and top executives.
Daniel H. Rosen, Wendy Leutert, and Shan Guo
Mar 6, 2019

Chinese FDI in Europe: 2018 Trends and Impact of New Screening Policies

European Union member states are modernizing foreign direct investment screening regimes, which has raised the bar for Chinese takeovers.
Thilo Hanemann, Mikko Huotari, and Agatha Kratz
Oct 3, 2018

Credit and Credibility: Risks to China’s Economic Resilience

Credit and Credibility examines China's epic growth performance to date, and why it is running out of steam.
Daniel H. Rosen and Logan Wright