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Assessment of China’s economy lies at the core of Rhodium Group’s expertise on global trends. After all, China presents the largest marginal changes in worldwide supply, demand, risk and opportunity.

Rhodium has the most highly respected independent China research team in the private sector. For more than twenty years our principals and staff have used a multidisciplinary approach to produce path-breaking analyses and insights on China. Rhodium builds and employs proprietary databases on China’s inbound and outbound direct investment, market opening and policy reform, and economic and business cycle activity. Our financial system research takes a credit-oriented approach and has a strong record of anticipating monetary, currency, and regulatory policy dynamics. All research products reflect a passion for insight and context, delivering value for users in the corporate, financial, government and non-profit sectors.

A selection of Rhodium's China research is available below. For more information regarding our analysis and advisory services please email

Jan 13, 2019

Net Negative: Chinese Investment in the US in 2018

Last year Chinese companies completed acquisitions and greenfield investments in the United States worth only $4.8 billion, down 84% from $29 billion in 2017 and 90% from $46 billion in 2016. This represents the lowest level seen in seven years.
Thilo Hanemann, Cassie Gao, and Adam Lysenko
Oct 3, 2018

Credit and Credibility: Risks to China’s Economic Resilience

Credit and Credibility examines China's epic growth performance to date, and why it is running out of steam.
Daniel H. Rosen and Logan Wright
Nov 5, 2018

Missing Link: Corporate Governance in China's State Sector

The new report examines state firms in the context of China’s economic and political system, summarizes the past and present of SOE corporate governance, and analyzes key players in China’s government and at the company level—boards of directors, Party committees, and top executives.
Daniel H. Rosen, Wendy Leutert, and Shan Guo
Apr 10, 2018

Two-Way Street: 2018 Update US-China Direct Investment Trends

Two-way US-China FDI declined by almost one-third in 2017 compared to 2016, due to a drop in Chinese investment in the US
Thilo Hanemann, Daniel H. Rosen, and Cassie Gao