Research Topic

Advanced Economies

RHG’s advanced economies team analyzes the shocks and challenges confronting higher-income mature economies.

Assessing the declining commercial and political dominance of the incumbent economic leaders requires a multi-disciplinary approach and insights derived equally from quantitative analysis, political assessment and frequent interactions with policymakers.

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Mar 14, 2019

Why Are German Centrists Cozying Up to Hungary's Orban?

The likely reason for these recent cynical political moves, derives from German domestic politics.
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
Mar 5, 2019

Brexit Brinksmanship May Yield a Soft Result

Postponing Parliament's day of reckoning could finally give Prime Minister Theresa May a majority for her much-derided deal or open the way for the softer Brexit.
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
Mar 6, 2019

Chinese FDI in Europe: 2018 Trends and Impact of New Screening Policies

European Union member states are modernizing foreign direct investment screening regimes, which has raised the bar for Chinese takeovers.
Thilo Hanemann, Mikko Huotari, and Agatha Kratz
Dec 13, 2018

Macron's Fiscal Easing May Enhance His Stature in Europe

Macron's actions to calm street protesters are affecting the European political landscape.
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard